Global Options

Actions consist of a simple array of key/value options. The following global option keys are recognized:

Specifies the name of the Config Actions Plugin to be used to execute the action. If omitted, the “Change” plugin is used.
The source data specifier. Can be a config id, a *.yml file, or a raw data array. Contains the source config data to be manipulated. If not specified, the filename of the YAML file containing the action will be used (without the yml extension).
The destination specifier. Can be a config id or a *.yml file. The modified data will be stored to this location. If omitted, the source is used as the destination.
An optional key/value array that contains string replacement patterns and values. Can be used to replace patterns in the source data or in any other option value.
An optional array listing the options that the replace is performed in. The default value of this depends on the specific plugin being used. The array given here replaces the default list for the current action.
Normally, all actions in a module are executed automatically when the module is enabled. To prevent an action from being automatically executed, set the auto property to false. This is used when creating template actions to be included from other modules.