Source PluginsΒΆ

The source and dest use a second plugin system used to load and save configuration data. The provided plugins are:

The specifier is a string value that points to a specific config item id within the active config storage.
The specifier is a *.yml file along with optional path. If no path is given, the config/templates directory of the current module is used.

Normally the source plugin type is determined from the string specifier itself. For example, if the string ends in .yml then the file plugin is used.

To override the source plugin type, use the *_type option (source_type or dest_type) with the name of the plugin.

The source can also be a raw array of configuration data. This data is passed to the plugin system in case a complex plugin needs to parse the additional data. But since the id and file plugins both expect a string value, any array value is currently passed through as raw data.