Additional plugins can be written to extend Config Actions.

Some plugins implement the ValidatePaths trait which adds additional options for specifying a path into the source data and validating that path. These options are described later.

The plugins currently available as part of the base module are:

The default plugin used when no other is specified. This plugin simply reads the config from the source, performs string replacement in the keys and values of the data, and saves the result to the dest.
Uses ValidatePaths. Changes the data at the source to the specified value option.
Uses ValidatePaths. Adds a new value at the specified location in the source. Typically used to add additional array items.
Uses ValidatePaths. Clears the data at the specified location in the source, or completely deletes a specific configuration item.
Loads and runs a specific action from a different module. Allows the replace values to override those specified in the other module. Used to create reusable actions in your module that can be used by other modules.